DK and NRThis is the blog of David Keane and Nancy Roudebush.

In December 2011, having sent the last of our children off to college, we sold our house, sold/donated/threw away just about everything else, and started our new life as full time RV’ers.

This is what happens when you let yourself hear what is really in your heart; when your kids are grown and on their own path; when you are ready for a little more adventure.

We hope to use this site to bring you all along on our journey, as we redefine “home”.  Along the way, we will address diet, exercise, and living with heart disease and Parkinson’s Disease.  Because that is just the way life is…you don’t get to dictate the hand you are dealt, but you sure can choose how you play it.

Contact us via email:

States That We Have Visited
States That We Have Visited

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. It was so nice to meet you yesterday at market-we LOVED the article, and I shared it with the artists you particularly mentioned in the blog….wondering if you could make a correction for Bill’s website: seen as how you loved his work, you would need this info_LOL) and btw, the prayer flag you photographed sold before the days end-but you should see the new ones I am working on (I’ll have to get pics posted to the belfast art market page)
    I’m looking forward to following your journey!!!!!!!!
    many blessings

    1. Kelly, I have corrected the link on the blog. I used your Belfast Art Market site to get as much information as I could about the artist, but note that Bill’s page is blank: Let’s get him some web traffic! I am really glad that you will be coming along with us on our adventures, even if it is only through the blog. See you next year in person at the BAM.

      1. i JUST ran across your post….. hoping you have been having fun….. we are getting ready ofr BAM to restart fairly soon (June 5th)
        thanks for the correction….and we WILL have to get bill”s page filled with his new goodies and links to his new web page….

  2. thank you so much!!!! and I’ve not even checked Bill’s web page on there-now I know I’m gonna have to remind him to post his info and pix!!!!! 🙂
    having fun keeping up on your journey-i love to travel..can’t do it right now, but can vicariously through you!!!!! see you next year and until then-many happy trails!

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